Losing a pet is a horrible thing. This page is meant to help people get a start on finding their beloved pet! Or, if you've found someone else's pet, you can post here to try to reach an owner. Please remember to add dates to postings.

Adding a Missing/Found Pet Listing to WoodlandWiki

  1. New to the Woodland Wiki? To add a listing you'll need to sign up for a username. It's quick and easy...click on the new user link at the top of the page.

  2. After you login, click on Edit.

  3. At the top of the Missing or Found section, add a title to your listing. Place double "equals" signs on either side to add your listing to the table of contents. Example:  ==Lost Dog: 11/1/09 Beagle named "Snoopy"== 

  4. Below the title add information about the pet: a detailed description, where and when last seen (or found), your contact info, etc.

  5. Add an image, if possible (see Help with Images)

  6. If your pet makes it home, be sure to come back and move the listing to the Success Stories page!

  7. Due to the number of missing pets, those who have been missing for one year or longer may be moved to the Lost Pets Archive page.

What Else You Can Do

When you first lose (or find) a pet, here are some practical first steps you should take:

  1. Visit the Yolo County Animal Shelter (where your pet will likely end up if it is taken to the police, or if somebody finds it) in Woodland at 2640 E. Gibson Rd. It is open Tuesday-Saturday 10-6, closed for lunch 1-2 and closed on Sundays and Mondays. A shelter employee will gather information on your pet and walk you through the shelter to see if your pet is there. You may also file a lost-report at this location, complete with pictures if you have them. Your lost report will be on file with the SPCA on-site employee and will be checked with every animal brought into the shelter.

  2. Call the Yolo County SPCA at 758-7722 and provide a detailed description of your pet. If you have digital photos of your pet, you can email these to a SPCA representative.

  3. Post fliers within a 3-block radius from your home or last seen location and talk to your neighbors directly.

  4. In addition to the Woodland Wiki, post ads in Craig'sList and Petfinder.

Lost Pets

Lost cat: 10/20/09 "Kiki"

PLEASE help us find KeiKeiWeiWei (kiki). She has been missing since 10/20. She is a cream colored female, neutered cat with brownish/grey markings. 3 of her 4 feet are white with her back left having a brown spot. She is a little shy, but love a good neck rub if you get close to her. She has had extensive hip/leg surgery, although you cannot tell by looking at her at all. We KNOW her 9 lives aren't up and she wants to come home! Please help us find her. No collar. Medium sized cat with medium hair -not long or short. Beautiful face. See picture.

REWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!Generous reward for KeiKei's safe return home. PLEASE keep your eyes peeled for her. She doesn't wander far so she has to be close to her home. Please call 530-666-5910 with any information. Thank you!!!

Lost Cat: 10/13/09, black, spayed, Ninja, chip!

10 years, indoor outdoor, lost in storm on 10/13 in between Winters and Capay. Call Jane, 916-396-0480 will pick up immediately.

Lost Cat: Silver 1 yr fixed/male, "Morty" 10/2/09

Morty is a very friendly young boy, he usually is never gone for more than an hour, he is a momma's boy who hardly ever leaves my side. He comes when his name is called and wants attention from everyone. He tends to want to play bite on your fingers when you are petting him. His home is right behind the Bel Air in Woodland on Pioneer & Gibson. I found his collar, which means it fell off....please call no matter what time if you see him! 530-210-2506, his family misses him.

Found Pets

Found Dog 5/29/2010

Small dog found running on HWY 113 in Knight's Landing. Please call (530) 554-1845 and describe your lost pet to see if he is a match.

Found female puppy 9/30/2011

4 month old cattle dog, no collar or chip. Found near Woodland on County Road 99. Call and describe: 530-400-9404.