Apple Village/Woodland Harvest Square/Yolo Polo Plaza

1810 East Main Street #101
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(530) 662-2600
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Matthews Mattress is a store that sells mattresses.

There is also one in Davis

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2008-08-29 13:40:16   BEWARE, they sell used mattresses!!!!! When you go into any of the mathews mattress stores, be very careful of what you are buying. This happens at all of the mathews stores, vacaville, woodland, davis , dixon, and roseville. The salesman will tell you about the beds that are on sale, "close out "or "damaged"-they call these "floor models"-they will tell you that the mattress set "fell off the del truck" or "slight water damage from weather" or "warehouse clearance" ect.-ALL USED wether for one night or a few months. We all know how nasty beds can be. Be sure to look at the bed very good for bodily hairs, fluids and smells, if you question any of these they will tell you its "because it is a floor model". Whats even worse is the price they will try to sell you these for!!! Most companies have go through a spray and sanitize process with used beds not only that, they have to have a big stamp somewhere on the side that you can see.Mathew mattress doe none of this process. If you dont believe , check it out for yourself-ask for the floor models that are on sale, and be sure to look at box springs and matts "still in the plastic" if it looks taped up with packaging tape-surely used. This happens at all the mathews stores.Trust this info, I know this because i used to work for them a few years ago and when i seen all of these things I was in awe. I recently talked to an ex-coworker that still works there and he said that they still do this. You wouldnt believe the beds that we would pick up from one house and deliver to another as "new" with out the costumer knowing.Its sad, so for the sake of your family BEWARE!!!! —OnlyTheTruth