McKinley Avenue and North McKinley Avenue together run north-south in three fragments through northern, central, and southern Woodland.

McKinley Avenue does not connect to North McKinley Avenue, but the two streets are set at the same longitude.

North McKinley Avenue

North McKinley Avenue is a one-block-long street that runs due north-south between Beamer Street and Plane Avenue. It is situated just east of North Grand Avenue and just west of Frost Drive. Its south end faces Clark Field across Beamer Street.

McKinley Avenue

The northern segment of McKinley Avenue runs due north-south between Lincoln Avenue and Cross Street. North of Lincoln Avenue, it becomes Academy Lane. Situated just east of West Street and just west of Cleveland Street, it intersects Presidents Alley (which heads west only from McKinley Avenue), Jefferson Street (west only), Oak Avenue, Park Avenue, and West City Park Alley (east only).

The northern segment of McKinley Avenue has been planted with street trees between Jefferson Street and Park Avenue. The street trees include Modesto Ash/Arizona Ash (Fraxinus velutina), which is native to California although not native to Woodland. They also include many non-native Crape Myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica).

The southern segment of McKinley Avenue runs between a dead end just north of Clanton Avenue and another dead end at the Farmers Central Ditch Path at the south edge of town. South of Gibson Road, it begins to wind and meander a bit, but north of Gibson Road, it follows the same due north-south route as the northern segment of McKinley Avenue does. It intersects Clanton Avenue (which is offset slightly to the southeast at McKinley Avenue), Pendegast Street, Northwood Drive (west only), Bartlett Avenue (east only), Southwood Drive (west only), Marshall Avenue (east only), Hays Street, Casa Linda Drive, Gibson RoadCypress Drive, Cedar Lane (east only), Toyon Drive, Monte Vista Drive, Redwood Drive, El Dorado Drive, Hacienda Lane, and San Luis Street (east only).