My Sister's Closet

530 Main Street, Woodland, CA 95695
10:00am - 5:30pm Mon-Sat
(530) 669-6739
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We are a resale boutique where you can consign your gently used clothing for cash or store credit. We take consignment Monday, Thursday, and Saturday from 12pm to 4pm, no appointment necessary. We put new items out daily so there is always something new to look at!


2009-08-07 21:52:14   As a very busy and also very lazy student living in Davis, I hardly ever visit Woodland unless it is necessary. After dealing with business on one of my rare trips today, I thought I'd explore a little bit, and stepping into My Sister's Closet was a delightful surprise that reminded me that I really need to get out more! It's a wonderful little gem of a consignment store-boutique. I wish I had found it much earlier!

If I recall correctly, there were three fitting rooms (stalls) as well as some conveniently located mirrors. It was very well organized, and the atmosphere and woman working there was warm and welcoming. Because certain color price tags were 50% off the ticketed price today, I managed to snag a white blouse and a pair of metallic sandal heels for TEN DOLLARS. Not ten dollars each, ten dollars total. Filled me with glee, so much that I phoned a friend to tell her and arrange a shopping/exploring day. I'll definitely have to drop in again! —AmyChow

2010-03-30 09:58:40   i love this place - i always find something great for like a dollar. and unlike some of the other shops on main st. they stick to their business hours! —lauralynnsutton

2010-08-26 04:37:32   A note on the website, it doesn't look like their Woodland location is on there. All the site does is make me want to go to Arizona and wish I was a size 10! (no comments that my size is way smaller than that!) I do like this store, I think I'm going to cosign there giving the comments on how it's better than the ones in Davis. —Chibi