435 Main Street
Mon-Fri: 10 am - 9 pm
Sat: 9 am - 9 pm
Sun: 9 am - 3 pm
(530) 669-7946
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Payment Method
Cash, credit cards.

A restaurant located in a former bank provides the opportunity to literally dine in the vault. With a menu that covers many classic dishes and good service Paco's has a lot to offer.


2008-05-02 13:55:09   Paco's is our favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. Great food, vegetarian refried beans and the portions are not huge. We live in Davis but head out to Paco's often. —CindiDrakeMartinez

2008-05-07 08:17:25   Paco's has the most delicious heuvos rancheros I've ever had for breakfast. The meal is light-complete with with a few wonderful blanched carrots & a side of tortillas. The portions are not huge but everything I've had, I have liked. The location & building are beautiful & classy. The prices are very reasonable-especially for breakfast. —SBlansett

2008-05-23 23:41:00   We love Pacos. Our favorite is the Camarones a la Diabla! My hubby always orders a double portion of the shrimp! I have not had anything we didn't like. The children love that it is inside an old bank complete with seating in the vault for groups of four or less! —jmpember

2008-07-04 18:53:55   I will have to give it a try. Does anyone know of a good restaurant in the region that has live mariachi music? Doesn't have to be in Woodland; somewhere nearby would be OK. —RonLee

2009-06-03 18:04:10   It's the worst Mexican food ever. Even it's chips are stale. The food feels like it's been frozen and reheated. —nkristis

2009-11-22 18:37:47   I think Paco's is pretty good but my wife LOVES Paco's. We drive out there from Davis, since there's no good sit-down Mexican restaurants in Davis. —RobertM525

2010-03-30 09:54:07   Pacos is one of the best mexican food resturants in Wooodland and always has the best service! —TaraC

2010-05-14 14:34:12   As someone else mentioned, Davis has an inexplicable shortage of sit-down Mexican restaurants. For Asian Food, Davis is a great place. But for good Mexican food, we always head up to Woodland. Paco's has my favorite Mexican food in the area. I love the ambiance of the old bank building, and old downtown Woodland. The food is fantastic with large portions and the service is always first rate. —JonFenske

2012-05-17 11:53:12   Why can't we have decent Mexican food in Davis? Until we do we have Paco's!! It is wonderful. We love it! —ashleyinthemist

2013-07-31 01:38:14   I can't believe this page. Authentic? This is Mexican food for anglos. Sad, generic and Americanized. And that's coming from me, I wonder what the Mexicans think! Ate here a couple times when I didn't know better. Don't be afraid of the truly authentic Mexican food in Woodland. —AlanRaetz