2091 Bronze Star Drive, Woodland, CA 95776
Adjacent to Costco Gasoline in the Woodland Gateway
Mon-Sat: 9-9, Sun: 10-7
(530) 669-7382
Payment Method
Credit/Debit, Cash, Check

Pet Extreme is a current tenant of the Woodland Gateway center. Pet Extreme offers friendly service, a wide variety of products from name brand to inexpensive, from organic to generic. Prices are fairly low, and Pet Extreme offers many deals and coupons throughout the month.


Pet Extreme is fully stocked with birds, rodents, fish, and the usual small animals found in pet stores.

  • For example, they have a beautiful and friendly African Grey Parrot who is kept out of his cage to that people can pet him—he likes to whistle at and chat with people.

They also carry a large variety of pet food, cleaning, and care brands in a wide range of prices.

Specialty Services

Their grooming section inside the store

  • Low Cost Pet Vaccination Services: Sundays 4-5:30 pm
    • Works with VIP Pet Services to offer all vaccinations at low costs. See Vaccination Page for full list of vaccinations and prices.
  • Pet Adoptions: Saturdays 1-3 pm
    • Pet Extreme believes in buying through breeders in order to eliminate the harm done to animals when they spend the beginning of their lives in pet shops or places like "puppy mills." As such Pet Extreme does NOT sell dogs, cats, kittens or puppies.
    • The Breeder Program is meant to encourage AKC and CFA approved breeders to register to get discounts from the store, and get their names out to the public.
  • Self Service Dog Wash: All daily hours, $12
    • They offer 6 different shampoos, provide 2 towels and a blow dryer, along with an apron to keep you dry. They do not provide any brushes, so if you need them please bring your own or purchase them before washing your dog.
  • Grooming: Regular Hours, Tuesday-Sunday
    • Pet Extreme offers many different options with grooming, from full service to things as small as trimming nails.
    • Generally an appointment is needed for grooming, but for the small things (your call) walk-ins are welcome!
  • Teeth Cleaning: Once Monthly, by appointment only
    • Pet Extreme is in contract with an outside company/business which provides sedation-free teeth cleaning for dogs for $99 (after the Pet Extreme discount). The goal is to help the dog relax enough to clean the teeth without the aid of drugs or sedation—this is what keeps your cost down.
    • The cleaner get booked FULL every month, so appointments should be made at least a month in advance—ask a store clerk for information and they can help make an appointment.
    • The best part of the program is that if it doesn't work, you don't pay. If they cannot get your dog relaxed enough to clean it's teeth, you will not pay for their time (as advertised on the large poster in the entrance of Pet Extreme).

Monthly Ads

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2012-01-13 12:14:16   Pet Extreme grooming has recently gotten a new, experienced groomer. They are open 7 days a week and now have same day, next day and evening appointments. —AliciaK.