25 Purity Plaza
Everyday 8am - 10pm
Payment Method
Cash, Credit (at least Mastercard)

Small family-run Salvadoran restaurant in a former Taco Bell (yes, really). Aside from several varieties of pupusas, the menu includes tamales, taquitos, burritos, and empanadas. Their prices are low and the portions are generous.

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2008-09-09 14:29:37   I am so happy to have finally found pupsas in the area. If I knew they were here all along, I would have made trips from Davis far more often. Their pupsas are delisious. Personally, my favorites are the revuelta (pork) and the queso & loroco (cheese, and whatever loroco flower actually is). —AmLin

2009-06-03 18:44:47   Wow. this food is great. Salvadorean tamales and pupsas are amazing. Friendly staff. Worth the drive everytime. They accept credit cards also. —Sar58

2011-08-31 16:08:37   Favorite place for nachos. Big portions. —JamesYang

2013-07-31 01:24:40   Really good food, super cheap, friendly atmosphere. Why don't I come here more often? —AlanRaetz