The Sacramento RiverTrain is a passenger train offering people a chance to ride through the countryside while enjoying food and/or entertainment. Most trips are on the weekend and last 1.5 - 3 hours. The track is owned by the Sierra Northern Railway that operates freight traffic on the line. The route is a 14 mile branch that was built in 1912. Along the way the train crosses over the Fremont Trestle, goes along the Sacramento River and goes through farm country.

The RiverTrain consist has 2 dining cars, a lounge car and several open air cars. Additional cars are available for large charters.

During the evening hours, the train offers Sunset Dinners and Murder Mystery shows. During the daytime, Brunches, Lunches and Great Train Robberies are offered. Seasonal special events include Valentines Dinner, Easter Egg Express, Mother's and Father's Day specials, Great Pumpkin Express trips, Thanksgiving Supper, Christmas Train, New Years Eve Express, and more.

The train can accomodate wedding, reunions, high school grad nites, company events, and more.

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