Sit-down Location
1392 East Main Street, Suite #B
Truck Location
right by the 113 south on ramp, on Main St.
changes frequently, but generally open at least Mon-Sat until 8:00pm
Price Range
$1 tacos, $3 burritos, $1 horchata
Payment Method

One of the busiest of the Woodland eating establishments and considered by many to have the best tacos in the Yolo area. The business began as a taco truck, but the owners have since opened up a sit-down version as well with an expanded menu. The parking lot of the truck is often backed up during peak hours and is difficult to access from the east side of Woodland, especially those coming from highway 113; the police often wait for you to make that illegal left into this place, that's how popular it is. Their tacos are comparable to those from fine trucks in Oakland and LA, and are served with a lime wedge, radish, and red or green salsa. Choice of meats includes:

  • azada/asada/beef
  • adobada/al pastor/marinated pork
  • carnitas/deep-fried pork
  • lengua/tongue
  • tripas/tripe
  • pollo/chicken
  • cabeza/beef cheek and head (particularly moist and tasty)

While they are famous for their tacos, they also serve burritos (including a vegetarian one which seems to also be vegan), horchata and jamaica/hibiscus.

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2009-03-20 10:15:37   the asada burritos here are very good, they come with a big chunk of grilled onion and some pickled carrots/jalapenos. best $3 you can spend. —BenJohnson

2010-08-13 13:21:34   Hands down the best tacos in Yolo County. It is worth a drive from Davis just to get some tacos for lunch. Fresh hand made corn tortillas, great meats and salsa and bottles of soda. —mjwood

2012-06-13 12:16:08   No vegetarians allowed. But you carnivores are in for a treat. Come here and you'll see why a humble taco truck is rated the best Mexican food in Woodland on Yelp! —JeffTrunnelle