Chinese Tallow Tree (Triadica sebifera) in West Cline Alley at Wayne Cline Park. Photo by queerbychoice.Tallow Trees are members of the Triadica genus of the Spurge family. Other members of the Spurge family include Spurge, Doveweed, and Castor Bean.

Chinese Tallow Tree (Triadica sebifera) is an invasive weed from Asia. It usually grows about 60 feet tall. Male and female flowers are borne on the same tree. Chinese Tallow Tree is ranked 10 out of 10 on the Ogren Plant Allergy Scale, indicating that it tends to cause very severe hay fever. It typically blooms from about July through September, so if you suffer from hay fever during those months, Chinese Tallow Trees could be the culprits.

U.C. Davis provides information on how to eradicate Chinese Tallow Tree.

The City of Woodland has intentionally planted Chinese Tallow Trees at City HallEverman Park, John Ferns ParkJoseph Schneider Park, Pioneer Park, Streng Park, Wayne Cline Park, Woodland City Cemetery, and Woodside Park. The city has also planted them as street trees on 2nd Street, 3rd Street, 4th Street, 5th Street, Bartlett AvenueClover Street, County Road 102, Court Street, East Gum Avenue, Elm Street, Mallard Drive, and Oak Avenue. In fact, the Urban Forest Resource Analysis published by the City of Woodland in 2018 indicated that the city was knowingly and intentionally maintaining 347 of these invasive weeds in Woodland.


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