The Bike Campaign (The Bike Garage)


The Bike Campaign and The Bike Garage were founded in April 2012, to help educate people about bicycling and encourage more people to ride their bikes. The Bike Campaign’s number one goal is to reduce car trips to school while increasing bicycling fun. Visit us at

The Bike Campaign works closely with city governments, county health departments, school districts, and community service groups. The Bike Campaign encourages all ages to ride and loves all types of bikes and riders.

The Bike Garage is a place where people can go for many of their biking needs, such as having a volunteer mechanic repair their bikes, finding and purchasing high quality used bikes and learning how to ride. Serviceable bike donations are greatly appreciated.

The Bike Garage is open Saturdays and Wednesday 9:00-Noon in the Summer and is open Saturdays 9:00–Noon and Wednesdays 2:00–5:00 during the school year. Summer hours begin in the middle of June and switch back in late August. The Bike Garage is located at 1st and Hays behind Douglass Middle School in Woodland, CA.