The Bike Garage (The Bike Campaign)

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Bike broken? Tires gone flat? Come to the Bike Garage, where volunteer mechanics are ready to help you repair your bike or teach you how. Only pay what you can—The Bike Garage is Yolo County’s sole “by donation only” repair shop.

If your bike is beyond repair, we are happy to show you a great selection of high-quality, street legal used bikes that are ready to roll. The lowest prices in Yolo County (cash only please). Serviceable donations of bikes, gear and accessories are appreciated.

Summer: Saturdays & Wednesdays 9AM–Noon
School Year: Saturdays 9AM–Noon, Wednesdays 2–5PM

1st and Hays Street behind Douglass Middle School in Woodland, CA.
(Across from Woodland Adult Education).