The Indestructibles

When you combine two of Sacramento’s most celebrated bands, the result is Indestructible! Before joining forces to become the area’s hottest live dance-party-rock band, The Indestructibles were members of two of Sacramento’s most sought-after original groups, Popgun* and The Brodys.* With 25 years of entertainment experience, The Indestructibles have mastered songs from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s to current hits. They play songs from Neil Diamond to Weezer to Garth Brooks to CCR to The Cure. You’re sure to hear that favorite song from any era and any genre, from pop to dance, country to funk, classic rock to alternative… and you won’t be able to stop dancing. Dressed to kill, the boys have such a good time on stage that you can’t help but be infected with their spirited energy and positive vibe. The band is known for its professional attitude as well as its ability to connect and interact with an audience. Wherever the Indestructibles go, the party follows … whether you’re talkin’ bars, weddings, corporate events or private parties. From the monster guitar solos, to the dancing, to fab four part harmonies, an Indestructibles show is a guaranteed GOOD TIME!