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West Street and North West Street together form one of the main north-south thoroughfares in Woodland. They overlap with portions of County Road 99, which also overlaps with Lake Boulevard in Davis.

South of Woodland, Lake Boulevard begins at Russell Boulevard on the southern border of Davis and winds northward until reaching West Covell Boulevard, which is also County Road E6 and also the northern border of Davis. At that point, Lake Boulevard becomes County Road 99. County Road 99 runs due north from the northern border of Davis to the southern border of Woodland.

At the Farmers Central Ditch on the southern border of Woodland, County Road 99 becomes West Street. West Street continues due north from the southern border of Woodland until Beamer StreetWest Street becomes North West Street north of Beamer StreetNorth West Street (not to be confused with West North Street!) continues due north from Beamer Street to Kentucky Avenue.

North of Kentucky AvenueNorth West Street becomes County Road 99 again - although the exit from Interstate 5 slightly north of Woodland still refers to it as "West Street." County Road 99 continues due north from Kentucky Avenue until ending at County Road 18.

No street passes through West Street or North West Street without changing its name. The word "West" gets added to the beginning of each street name when the street crosses to the west of West Street. Note: If looking for an address, there is a difference between, for example, "West Main Street" and "Main Street." Address numbers generally count upward as they move away from West Street in either direction, so some house numbers or other building numbers do get reused.

North West Street

North West Street runs between Beamer Street and Kentucky Avenue, passing by Woodland High School, Freeman Elementary School, and Quik Stop.

Woodland Avenue and Kentucky Avenue become West Woodland Avenue and West Kentucky Avenue west of North West Street.

West Street

West Street runs between Beamer Street and the Farmers Central Ditch, passing by Taqueria Guadalajara, Apna Bazaar76, Wingstop, Walgreens, Mariscos el Viajon, Planet Fitness, CVSLee Middle Schoolthe Woodland Cemetery, and the Woodland Fire Department Station 2.

No street passes through West Street without changing its name. Clover Street, Elliot Street, Court Street, Main Street, Lincoln Avenue, Cross Street, Southwood Drive, Hays Street, Casa Linda Drive, Gibson Road, Monte Vista Drive, El Dorado Drive, Hacienda Lane, and Miramonte Drive all pass through West Street but all get "West" added to the beginnings of their names on the west side of West Street.