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1786 E. Kentucky Ave. Woodland, CA 95776
Call for Hours
(530) 661-6095
DTE Energy
Commisioned 1989

Woodland Biomass Power, LTD is an alternative energy company located in nearby Woodland. They use biomass, or plant and agricultural waste (such as tree trimmings & removal, nut shells & fruit pits,  and wood from torn down homes) to fuel a boiler which in turn produces steam to generate electricity 24/7. It is a preferred method of disposing such waste as opposed to open-air burning (or burying in landfill).

Interestingly the boiler uses so much fuel they have to purchase fuel from landfills and other sources however they accept the same material for free at their facility (which would normally cost a great deal to dump at a landfill). Here's an article that explains their operation.

                                                                                                          AS OF JUNE 29, 2017, THE FREE WOOD DROP OFF PROGRAM HAS BEEN SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

                                                 Please contact the Power Plant (530-661-6095) before bringing un-contracted wood waste to the site for disposal to see if the program has resumed and any current restrictions.


Wood waste, including boards, fencing can be brought to the Woodland Biomass Facility for free. They even take tree trimmings etc. sometimes.

Call the Woodland Biomass Facility for more information, and to ensure that they are currently accepting new material.

Occasionally they have too much feed stock and they stop accepting material until they have more room again.

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2007-05-01 11:46:33   Yes, a fair bit of the wood that is "disposed of" at the YCCL wood facility goes to Woodland Biomass as fuel. (full disclosure, I work for Yccl). So Bring your wood waste to them! Much better than putting it in the street for the Davis Waste Removal folks to pick up. —RocksandDirt

2008-09-18 11:10:55   great great place...nice folks that work there....easy FAST FREE TO U WAY TO GET RID OF UR GREENWASTE..N..SCRAP WOOD....DAMNIT ...SAVE THE PLANET —anthonyunderwood