2100 East Street

In the Woodland Sports Park, south of the Community and Senior Center

Usually 24/7

The Woodland Off-Leash Dog Park started being constructed in October of 2007. It cost the city about $400k. The grand opening was 3/8/2008, 1-3 p.m. The park features a picnic structure, a legacy tree grove, and an enclosed area for dogs to play and socialize in.

Legacy Tree Grove

In early 2016, 105 trees from 6 species were planted at the Woodland Off-Leash Dog Park to launch the Legacy Tree Grove. The six species are Strawberry Tree (Arbutus unedo), Western Redbud (Cercis occidentalis), Washington Hawthorn (Crataegus phaenopyrum), Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo biloba), Valley Oak (Quercus lobata), and English Elm (Ulmus minor 'Atinia,' formerly known as Ulmus procera). The Legacy Grove Memorial Program allows people to dedicate a tree in honor of a person, family, or group for $350 or have a concrete bench inscribed in honor of a person, family, or group for $3,000. A larger amount of text will fit on the bench dedication than on a tree plaque.

If you are dedicating a tree, you may want to keep in mind that English Elms are highly susceptible to Dutch elm disease. The city pledges to replace dead trees with new trees, but with the trees needing to be regularly replaced, you are not likely to see your tree grow to large size or old age.



2008-06-29 20:28:58   My dog loves the dog park. But watch out! There was a puddle from a sprinkler leak and my baby got giardia. Watch what your dog drinks/eats while at the park. —EmilyT

2010-08-10 12:56:11   It's a great resource. Chipper loves it, and it's worth having the contact with other dogs if not for the socialization then for picking up immunity to the bugs going around in the canine world. Maybe he's lucky, but I can't remember any health issues arising from visits to the park. —SteveHardy

2010-08-12 19:18:33   We just moved to town, but I'm hesitant to take the dogs if there really is giardia there... —Plodder

2013-07-01 16:37:06   Decent park, most of the people are reasonable, just gotta learn what dogs yours will not get along with. Some rude people but just find a time that works for you and your pet and you'll have a fun time. Wish it was a little bigger for dogs that like to run but is much better than the Davis dog park, that one stinks! Almost everyone cleans up after their pets here in woodland! —JustinMoney