445 Matmor Road
corner of Matmor Rd. and East Main St.
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(530) 666-2461
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2007-06-26 19:31:30   I took my hamster here and had her euthanized because of an aggressive tumor that was developing. I went today (Tuesday afternoon), and it wasn't busy at all. The vet there seemed competent and patient, and advised me that surgery probably wouldn't do any good and suggested that it was her time. The prices were reasonable. However, the charge for them to take care of the body seemed quite high to me (for such a small creature), although I have nothing to compare it to. Overall, I would recommend this place (or at least to hamster owners). —at86

2008-07-26 18:33:20   I believe that people are afraid of the cost to take their animal to the vet, and I was the same until my cat became ill. The staff and doctors are wonderful and caring people with the hearts to do all they can. I must say that "Moe" is doing just fine and for a whole day, with all the test, and a drop off emergancy appointment the bill was less that 150.00. For someone who thought that she would walk to work in order to pay her vet bill, this was a great supprise. Never will I hessitate again —JillianV