The Stone Family.

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Yolo Land and Cattle, Inc.
Yolo Grass-Fed Beef
Hank Stone. Scott & Karen Stone. Casey & Angela Stone.

Yolo Land and Cattle, Inc. Grass-Fed Angus Beef is dry aged 14 days to ensure the beef is tender and delicious! "A new study, Greener Pastures: How Grass-fed Beef and Milk Contribute to Healthy Eating, finds that beef and milk from animals raised entirely on pasture have higher levels than conventionally raised beef and dairy cattle of beneficial fats that may prevent heart disease and strengthen the immune system." Study Finds Grass-Fed Beef Has Health Benefits - California Farmer magazine.

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Protecting the Environment - Ranching Responsibly since 1976.

Cattle ranching methods that protect the environment earned Yolo Land and Cattle, Inc. the prestigous National Environmental Stewardship Award in 2008.

"The Stone family own Yolo Land & Cattle Co., dedicated to preserving the beauty and wildlife of the ranch while raising one of the top commercial herds of Angus cattle in California." Five Minutes With The Stone Family, Yolo Land & Cattle - Cattle Network 25july2008.

See the landscape photos from our ranch - Yolo Land & Cattle 20april2013.

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2011-09-20 12:29:36   I am so thankful to have a local ranch to buy grass-fed beef from! The process of buying the beef was super easy, and Karen was very helpful. Best of all, the beef has been wonderful so far. We cooked up a rib eye the other night and couldn't believe how tender it was. Lean but very flavorful, and incredibly healthy, I highly recommend this. We bought a 1/4 of beef and it filled both our freezers. I also love how its packaged - the ground beef is in 1# packs so they're much easier to use than the 2# packs that we get elsewhere. I will definitely be buying another 1/4 beef once we work through this one. Thanks Karen! —juliebates