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Yolobus has been serving Yolo County for the past 25 years. Its buses go to Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, Woodland, downtown Sacramento, Sacramento International Airport, Cache Creek Casino, Esparto, Madison and Knights Landing. It also makes connections to other transportation lines such as Unitrans and Amtrak in Davis.

Fares (as of April 1, 2009): Cash Fare: $2.00 - Free for UC Davis Undergraduates Express Fare: $3.00 Transfer (from Yolobus to Yolobus): Free Daily Pass: $6.00 Monthly Pass: $85.00 Monthly Pass Express Sticker: $25

Transportation to Davis

42A/42B Woodland Stops: East Main and Matmor; County Fair Mall Departs: Hourly "schedule"

242 Woodland Stops: Court at 2nd St; Beamer at Cottonwood; Beamer at Gibson, Gibson at County Fair Mall Departs: Twice Daily "schedule"


2007-05-01 19:40:26   My girlfriend got hit by a Yolobus in Davis. —BradBenedict