The AMC Star Taylor 10 was a first-run multiplex in Burlington Square in Taylor. It originally opened under the Star Theaters chain in 1989 with 8 screens. Mid-1990's renovations added two additional screens and a 1998 conversion to stadium seating brought the final tally of 2,900 total seats. In 2006, it was acquired by AMC Theaters and in 2009 it closed. It reopened less than a year later as the now-defunct Spotlight Taylor 10.


The theater, 22265 Eureka Road, closed Dec. 13 due to poor sales. “It was identified as an underperforming theater,” said Andy D’Orio, a manager for AMC corporate communications. D’Orio said the company has been upgrading many of its theaters with new technology, but the Taylor site wasn’t a viable location.

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