This intersection at Fort Street and Barberry Street is an area where no crosswalks or crossing warnings exist, despite heavy use by residents of the nearby apartment complexes to get to a Meijer store across Fort Street.

Reported on the Southgate See-Click-Fix page:

"There are numerous pedestrians that cross Fort street between Barberry and Meijers. So many people that I almost always see someone else crossing as I do. This is very evident in the snow because a trampled pathway always exists. This is not the safest place to cross, with the curve right there and all. But it is the straightest path, because most people are coming from the apartments. It's excessively difficult to travel to Eureka or Pennsylvania to cross. Most pedestrians are burdened with grocery bags, and /or young children. I've seen a man crossing in a wheelchair, and a man that crosses frequently with a came.

I suggest a pedestrian crossing from the South side of Barberry to the median strip, and another from the North side of the Meijer entrance where Sonic is to the Median Strip. Then a sidewalk installed diagonally connecting the two crossings. Preferably a slightly convex crossing to allow water runoff."