Goddard Road is mostly a straight east-west section-line road. However, significant legs in Romulus and east of where Moran Road branches off east of Interstate 75 are anything but. Runs all the way from Biddle Avenue in Wyandotte to Huron River Drive in Romulus.

Connections heading east

Goddard starts out at Huron River Drive and Ozga Street heading northeast through some nice residential areas. After a few blocks, Goddard turns due east into Downtown Romulus.

At Hunt Street. Goddard turns north and then suddenly east again into another residential area. East of Wayne Road, which features a Burger King, the area becomes light industrial. At Vining Road, Goddard disappears. Turn north on Vining and Goddard reappears at the first traffic light, heading east, which is where you will turn.

Goddard parallels a Norfolk Southern track and straddles the northern end of Metro Airport, with an interchange with W.G. Rogell Drive and also featuring the Wayne County Road Commission garage. You will end up at Middlebelt Road, where Goddard becomes Wick Road. Turn south for a mile.

The next section of Goddard begins at the second light, heading east, the direction that you'll be turning.

Just past I-75, you will encounter a split with a flashing light. Heading east puts you on Moran Road, while Goddard takes the road heading to your right. At this point, street signs on the Southgate side refer to the road as Old Goddard Road for some reason. After heading south-southeast, Goddard sharply turns east, running at irregular angles through residential neighborhoods the rest of the way to Biddle.

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