Going through a crossing may put your life at risk if a train is quickly approaching, it may even have fatal side effects. Never race a train to get to a crossing first. Always stop when the bells are ringing, the lights are flashing, and/or the gate is moving or down. Never drive through, around, or under any crossing system. Do not proceed until the gates are raised, lights stop flashing, bells stop ringing, and a prior check to see that no additional trains are approaching.


Railroad crossings on Oak Street in Wyandotte. Usually, the traffic lights are red when the lights are flashing.Railroad crossings are intersections in Downriver where vehicles (and in some places pedestrians) cross tracks of either Canadian National, Conrail Shared Assets, CSX Transportation or Norfolk Southern at-grade.

Railroad crossing on Fort Street in Trenton.With a couple exceptions, all crossings have "RAILROAD CROSSING" X-shaped crossbuck signs. Most have flashing red lights, bells and "STOP ON RED SIGNAL" signs, with a large number of crossings having gates as well. When multiple tracks are involved, signs indicating the number of tracks involved are included.

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