Sibley Road starts at West Jefferson Avenue along the border between Riverview and Trenton and runs west all the way to Huron River Drive in New Boston, Huron Township.

It is named after the former settlement of Sibley, which Trenton annexed in 1929.

Connections heading east

Past Wahrman, you will pass the southern terminus of Wayne Road, which was extended to Sibley Road in 2014. Afterwards, Sibley runs just south of the former Pinnacle Racecourse and intersects Vining Road.

The intersection with Telegraph Road is the indicator that Sibley Road has now entered the sprawl. At this crossroads you will find BP and Shell stations, a CVS and a McDonald's. The next major road is Gudith Road.

Just east of Gudith, Sibley curves north and branches off a small side road called West Sibley Court, which ends at a cul-de-sac after barely extending for 1,200 feet. You will cross Racho Road (which itself ends at West Sibley Court), which features a Sunoco service stop offering Subway and Dunkin Donuts options; and pass the interchange with and overpass over Interstate 75. After crossing Dix-Toledo Highway, Sibley Court is encountered again, this time as East Sibley Court. That branch ends in another cul-de-sac just before encountering Dix-Toledo, but when you pull out a map showing both Sibley Courts and draw a line connecting them, they line up perfectly. This reveals that they are remnants of the pre-freeway landscape, specifically, the original alignment of Sibley Road before the six lanes of I-75 sliced right through it in 1962.

Sibley runs along the southern end of Our Lady of Hope Cemetery for a half-mile, then enters Riverview. You will encounter the transmitter facilities of WJR, the intersection with Grange Road and the huge hill that is Riverview Highlands. Past Fort Street, Sibley now serves as the northern border of Trenton as well. The Sibley Quarry is hidden behind a large bank of trees on the Trenton side.

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