Offered first-run films at cheaper prices in Burlington Square in Taylor. The experience was somewhat mixed, but the pictures that were projected were questionable. Opened in the summer of 2010 less than a year after the AMC Star Taylor 10 closed, only for it to close itself in the fall of 2012. It has remained abandoned since. Even a 2014 proposal to convert it into an MJR outpost was scuttled.


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When we arrived in the theater we immediately walked up to the counter where tickets are 'supposed' to be sold, however no one was there to sell us tickets. We stood at the counter looking around, hoping someone would acknowledge us, but no one did. Finally some customers who were leaving told us we had to go to the consession stand to buy our tickets. We found that extremely odd, seeing as the area is roped off when you walk in to buy your tickets. There was also no sign posted saying otherwise.

It seemed pointless to buy a ticket... with no one paying attention we easily could have walked in for free! The theater itself smelled musty, it was dirty and the seats were old, creeky, and uncomfortable. The picture quality is quite poor and throughout the movie black splashes would appear on the screen. The screen itself (in theater #5) also had four lines running down the screen which was a distraction from the movie.

Once the movie was over and we left the theater room we were in, we walked out into the lobby where there was NO ONE to be found. Seriously, not a single soul. No one at the front desk, no one at the consession stand. It was the oddest thing we had ever seen and I have to admit that I felt very uneasy being in there. We almost wondered if they had closed without realizing we were even in there. Also, upon leaving the parking lot we noted that it was not very well lit and we just didn't feel very safe.