Theodore Roosevelt High School is at 540 Eureka Road at 5th Street in Wyandotte. The campus occupies several city blocks in the heart of the city. The mascot is the Bears.

By 1920 Wyandotte High School was already overcrowded and lacked many modern amenities. As a result a new, larger high school was constructed. RHS opened in 1923. The new school, Gothic of the Tudor period style, was built at a cost of $1,140,00 and was described as one of the most magnificent buildings at the time. At the dedication ceremony, J.H. Bishop, superintendent of Wyandotte Public School District from 1871 to 1875, spoke about school conditions in the past and how they compared to conditions in 1923. Roosevelt's construction began the modern period of Wyandotte school building construction.

Unlike it's predecessors, RHS also included a gymnasium, swimming pool and on-site athletic facilities.

Originally designed for 1,400 students, by 1928 RHS enrollment was already at 1,800. As a result, junior high students were relocated to the former Wyandotte High (which was then renamed Lincoln Junior High) and to the Labadie School in the former Ford City to allow RHS to serve exclusively senior high students. By 1951, RHS suffered from overcrowding again with 1,921 students enrolled.

Building expansions

In 1957, a music and shop wing was added to the north end of the original structure. It was joined by a two-story science wing in 1962. By the late 1960's, overcrowding was once again a major issue, now combined with the age of the original structure. As a result, in the early 1970's a large-scale renovation took place that added a new gym, new pool, new cafetorium (cafeteria/auditorium combination) and rooms for home economics and business education classes. The athletic field was also relocated, onto larger acreage on the recently-demolished site of the abandoned Detroit Brass and Malleable factory. The latest new building addition was completed in 2004, adding a second gym surrounded an elevated running track.

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