Wyandotte (population 25,883) is a city located along the Detroit River in east-central Downriver. Fort Street and Quarry Road run along the western limits, the Ecorse River and Goddard Road form the northern border, Pennsylvania Road runs along the southern edge and the Detroit River forms the eastern extent. West Jefferson Avenue runs through the city as Biddle Avenue. Eureka Road and Ford Avenue (known as Northline Road by many) begin in Wyandotte. The current mayor is Joseph Peterson.

It was founded in 1854 and incorporated as a city in 1867. It's name comes from the Wyandot Indian tribe that first settled in the area in the 18th century. Throughout the years, municipalities and villages such as South Detroit, Glenwood and Ford City were annexed into the city of Wyandotte.

Government Offices

City Hall

3200 Biddle Avenue


Historical Collection

2624 Biddle Avenue

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