A composition book and a pencil on a desk in a classroom. Photo by queerbychoice. Education is one of the leading industries in Yuba and Sutter Counties, particularly for women. It is most concentrated in Tierra Buena, where 29% of employed females work in education, as of a July 2007 estimate.1 The same estimate found that 28% of employed females in Brownsville and Challenge work in education, as do 17% of employed females in Sutter, 16% of employed females in Wheatland, 15% of employed females in South Yuba City and Beale Air Force Base, 14% of employed females in Cranmore, Kirkville, Loma Rica, Marysville, Meridian, Olivehurst, and Robbins, and 11% of employed females in Yuba City.

The state educational standards and frameworks for California explain what is taught to students throughout California at each grade level.


The proportion of residents with high school degrees is highest in Beale Air Force Base (97.1%) and Smartsville (87.2%). It is lowest in Robbins (44.4%) and Live Oak (50.3%).

The proportion of residents with 4-year college degrees is highest in Nicolaus (24.5%) and Dobbins (24.3%). It is lowest in Linda (3.6%) and Live Oak (4.6%).

The proportion of residents with postgraduate degrees is highest in Brownsville (10.4%) and Beale Air Force Base (8.3%). It is lowest in Sutter (0.5%) and Live Oak (0.9%).

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1City-data.com (individual entries for each city mentioned)