Hotel Marysville. Photo by queerbychoice. The Hotel Marysville is located at 418-430 5th Street in Marysville, across the street from the old State Theatre building. It was opened in 1926 and closed in 1986. As early as January 2001, a Marysville City Council committee directed city staff to make plans to demolish it,1 but the building still stands.

The hotel is five stories tall and contains 144 rooms. Its former guests included Baseball Hall of Fame members Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, singer Bing Crosby, and actor Robert Stack.

In the time since the hotel was closed, the building has changed owners many times, and many plans for redeveloping the building have been proposed, but each plan has been abandoned as being too expensive and not likely to support a sufficiently profitable business. The plans have included reusing the building for: (1) Caltrans offices, (2): a restaurant and micro-brewery, (3): senior housing and retail, (4): a hotel and conference center, (5): a restaurant and hotel, (6) loft residences and retail, and (7) varied commercial enterprises and condominiums.23

Most recently, a mural has been planned to decorate the still-empty building.4

There was another Hotel Marysville before this one was built. The original Hotel Marysville was located at the corner of 1st and C Streets and was owned by George Engler, the son-in-law of John Sutter.5



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