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Sutter County was one of the original counties created in 1850 when California became a state. It is named after John Sutter. Parts of the county's territory were given to Placer County in 1851.

Sutter County has a population of 95,878 (as of the January 2008 California Department of Finance estimate) and a total area of 609 square miles, including 6 square miles (1%) covered with water. The dominant industry in Sutter County is farming, followed by construction. Approximately 88% of the land is used for farming or grazing. According to the 2007 Sutter County Crop Report, the top five leading crops in Sutter County are rice, walnuts, peaches, tomatoes, plums/prunes, and almonds, in that order.

The median household income in Sutter County in 2007 was $49,104, with 12.2% of Sutter County residents below poverty level. The 2008 unemployment rate in Sutter County was 12.4%. According to the California Secretary of State, 66.69% of eligible voters in Sutter County are registered. Of registered voters, 33.91% are Democrats and 46.85% are Republicans.


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