Organizers of the Yuba-Sutter Dog Park marched with their dogs in the 2009 Bok Kai Parade, a few months before the dog park opened. Photo by queerbychoice.

The Yuba-Sutter Dog Park (also called the Robert G. Sims Canine Recreation Area) is a 5-acre dog park that opened in May 2009. It is located at 2050 Wild River Drive, Yuba City . The park is open daily from early morning until sunset, with varying seasonal hours. It is completely fenced in, with security gates, running water, benches, and "pooper scooper" stations. There are designated areas for larger and smaller dogs, with shade trees in both areas. Funds are raised privately through memberships, donations, and fundraising events; no public money is used.


Rules posted at the park are as follows.

1. You must clean up after your dogs!

2. Dogs must be leashed when entering and leaving the gated safety pen.

3. Dogs shall be tagged and vaccinated. (Be advised that we are partnering with Animal Control to do regular checks.)

4. You are responsible for your dog and any injury your dog imposes on another dog or human.

5. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times. Your child's safety is your responsibility. (A running dog can knock down a child.) Additionally, it is not recommended that toddlers be brought into the park, for their own safety.

6. Do not bring food of any kind into the park. It is dangerous for you, your children, and the dogs, as some dogs can have food aggression. (Off the Leash Inc. may have special event days when food is brought into the park for fundraising and/or member appreciation days. Notice will be posted prior to these events.)

7. If you bring a toy into the park, expect other dogs to play with it and remember: small toys can be choking hazards to dogs and children!

8. Owners with aggressive dogs, i.e. dogs that attack others, will be asked to leave the park immediately.

9. No female dogs in heat are allowed in the park.

10. Large dogs are not allowed in the small dog area.

11. No smoking is allowed inside the park, due to fire hazards.

12. No alcohol or drug use on park grounds. Anyone who brings alcohol or drugs into the park will be reported to law enforcement immediately.


Yuba-Sutter Dog Park